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Summer is the time of the year for families and friends to head for the beach. Even group of camper friends go to the beach as they are always in search or in regular move from one place to another. One of the things that they bring with them is a beach chair that is portable, lightweight and more comfortable.


Beach chairs are designed based on several beach requirements and enjoyment of the user. Regardless of the name, they can also be used in kids' sports arenas and during sports events, such as baseball games. If you take a look at them, you will see that they can easily fit to anyone's needs at first glance because they are compact and durable. Let us have a look at different types of beach chairs to see which one you will choose.


Umbrella beach chairs are the most commonly used during beach getaways because it can set a relaxing mood while spending time under the sun. You will be protected from sunburn as the umbrella gives a cool shade. They also come with brackets to support the canopy or umbrella and they are usually built low set in the sand. Available as detachable and foldable, make sure to choose the lightweight type for ease of mobility. If you want to learn more about the best beach gears today, you can visit


There are models that come with additional functionalities, such as a recline seat, with wheels, footrest, backpack chairs, and cup holders. The latter type has storage pockets to hold cold beverages. Those who feel like sleeping can choose reclining beach chairs. Wheeled beach chairs are ideal for easy transport. Backpack chairs include shoulder straps and pockets while they are easy to fold and carry. You can choose chaise type beach chairs with overhead screens but they are bulkier. Beach chairs with footrest are one of the most famous because of their ergonomic design to provide comfort to the user.


Beach chairs online store have the flexibility because they can be used in order outdoor activities, such as watching a baseball game or just lounging in the garden. Usually, they are made of wood or aluminum. Wood is stronger and more durable while aluminum is lighter but tends to disfigure with overexposure in the sun. They are available as low boy that sits close to the sand around 6-12 inches high or high boy that is similar to common lawn chairs and about 18-24 inches high.


The framework of beach chairs is often made of plastic polypropylene, nylon and canvass fabric. Plastic polypropylene may be durable but it can cause burn when exposed to the sun. Nylon is durable as well, but it should be kept out of bonfires. Although canvass fabric is popular as it prevents sliding, it can easily fade also with prolonged exposure to the sun, visit us here for more information about beach chairs.